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Almost any photos / slides / film (negatives/positives): colour, black & white, new or old, including tintype, polaroid and glass photos

We do not "restore" the actual document, rather we digitally enhance a scanned image of the document. To repair things like mould, water damage, etc., you require the services of a conservator (restorer).

In comparison to alternative options, we provide a scanning service that delivers high quality digital images for an affordable price, see our [Prices] page. Bulk prices on application ... Just ask!

Of course you can and in some cases that's the most expedient way to send us your image. All we ask is that you follow a few guidelines:

If your picture is in a frame, you'll need to remove it from the frame, before scanning.

Refer to the [Scanning] and [Restoration] pages for instructions on cleaning your scanner and your images.

Visit the ScanTips website for a more detailed explantion of file type usage and differences.

  1. Set your scanner to [Advanced / Professional] mode
  2. Set it to save the scanned image as a TIFF file
  3. Scan the image as [24-bit Color], even if it's B&W / Monochromatic
  4. Set the [Output Resolution], depending up size, as follows:
    • If the picture is smaller than 4x6 (10x15 cm) set it to 1200 dpi
    • If the picture is 4x6 (10x15 cm) set it to 900 dpi
    • If the picture is 5x7 (12.5x17.5 cm) set it to 600 dpi
    • If the picture is 8x10 (20x25 cm) or larger set it to 300 dpi

If you (or your scanner software) draw a frame around the image(s), be sure to leave some 'white' space, to allow for cropping and straightening.

Here are some video clips that may help:

Epson Scanners Canon Pixma

The resultant file will usually be quite large and you may have problems sending them by ordinary email, so we suggest you upload them to any one of the many "Cloud/Sky" drives (Outlook.com / Google Drive / Dropbox / Skydrive, etc.), then send us the link.
Here's a link for opening a free Dropbox account.

Send your scan(s), or link(s) to support@photocraft.net.au

Send them to us, via Express Post, Registered Post, or Courier. If it's just a few, place them in an envelope, between two firm pieces of cardboard, for protection, if it's a lot, pack them in a sturdy box.

Photo scanning orders are normally completed in 7 - 10 days following arrival. During peak periods and for larger orders, the scanning process can sometimes take a little longer. Slide scanning takes longer again, as they require more manual handling.

Photo restorations are normally completed in 2 - 3 weeks following acceptance of the quotation. For additional images, or more complex restorations, it may take a little longer.

We're not happy, until you are. If you send us your photographs / slides / film (negatives / positives) and you do not accept our quotation, return postage to you is free. Equally, if you're not happy with the end result, we'll work with you to fix it,