Prices shown, are unit prices, based on images up to 5"x7", inclusive of GST and "Cloud" (Dropbox) storage. Larger images / Bulk prices, on application

Restoration: Minor

Includes: scanning (Premium), correction of light fading, minor blemish and scratch removal, cropping, improved composition, contrast/colour improvement, red-eye removal.

Fixed Cost: $40.00

Restoration: Medium

As [Minor] but additionally more serious blemish and scratch removal, minor object removal, image enlargement, adding sepia tone, tear removal (excluding tears in crucial areas).

Fixed Cost: $75.00

Restoration: Complex

As [Medium] but additionally complex blemish and scratch removal, tear removal, complex object removal, reconstruction of badly damaged images.

Fixed Cost: $100.00

Restoration: Custom

As [Complex] but with additional issues that need to be addressed.

From: $100.00

Restoration: Special Effects and Alterations

A wide variety of special effects can be added to your image, colour to black and white, black and white to colour, spot colour, sepia tone, colourising and many others – including cosmetic enhancement!!

From: $75.00

Scanning: Photos / Slides / Film (Negatives/Positives) (CD / DVD)
  • Basic: as JPG, auto adjust Colour and Brightness
  • Standard: as Basic plus, straighten, crop and tonal adjustment
  • Premium: as Standard, plus DNG, minor blemish / scratch removal and sharpening
Printing: Matte / Semi-Gloss / Gloss
  • A4, or smaller - $15
  • A3 - $25
  • Larger sizes, Canvas, etc. - P.O.A.
  • plus postage and handling ~$25.
  • Email, if less than 10MB - No Charge
  • Download Link / Copy to USB - $10
  • CD / DVD - $15 (pick up) / $25 (mail)